Editor Guidelines

Roles & Responsibilities

Editors play a vital and dynamic role in the development of scholarly journals. You have final responsible for the high-quality content to be publish in journal. You should ensure that all submitted manuscript comes under aims and scope of the journal and following the guidelines on ethical issues.

Your primary responsibilities should be:

   1. Editors select potential reviewer(s) for the article under consideration and encourage them to complete the peer review on time to meet deadlines.

   2. Ensure high-quality manuscripts submission to journal and strictly follow the publishing schedule of the journal.

   3. Editor closely works with editorial board members, reviewers, authors, and publishing staff, and is responsible for all aspects of journal development, reviewer relationship management, and author satisfaction.

   4. Actively participate in annual Editorial Board meetings to discuss journal performance report and recommendations.

   5. Editor should promote the journal among their colleagues and peers.

   6. Identify topics for special issues, which may attract new authors and submissions.

   7. Select or suggest new Editorial Board member.

   8. Highlight journal achievement in conferences, meetings, and seminar’s.

If you’re interested in joining an editorial board, please contact the publisher via the email. We will provide you with guidance on your role as editor, as well as background information about the publishing processes, if required.

Guest editors

Guest editors play a vital role in content acquisition and leading the peer review process for special issues.