Journal of Medicine, Health Care and Psychology


N. Calvin Han

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, DIRM, FDA, Department of Health and Human Services,  El Paso, Texas, USA

Aims and Scope

Journal of Medicine, Health Care and Psychology is a multidisciplinary open peer-reviewed international journal, covering all aspects of research, information and communication in the healthcare, medicine, and psychology. The journal covers all branches of medicine and publishes papers applicable to the daily practice of the clinician and surgeon. The journal reflects the growing recognition of psychosocial issues as they affect health planning, medical care, disease reaction, intervention, quality of life, adjustment adaptation and health management.

Journal publishes instructive case reports and original research on medicine, nursing, community health, dentistry, human psychology, medical ethics and veterinary science. Journal also publishes scholarly posters, slides, and videos covering basic scientific, translational and clinical research within the healthcare and medicine.