Reviewer Guidelines

Journals are relies on reviewer contribution to uphold the quality and validity of articles under consideration through peer review. Reviewers are voluntarily selected by the Editor based on their recent publication record or from the registered reviewer list. Once they accept the invitation, they should adhere to the journal’s editorial policy during the peer review process. Editor have right to consider their recommendations or not. Editorial staff plays a pivotal role in peer review by delivering the essential information to reviewers on request and offers training, if required.

Declaring Competing Interests

Peer reviewers should declare conflict of interest before they accept or decline an invitation. Reviewers must disclose to Editors if any interest exist with author(s), for instance:  

   1. If they have published an article with the authors recently or they are from the same institute as the authors.

   2. If reviewers is holding an authorship in the article under consideration or one of the major contributors who does not qualify the authorship criteria.

   3. If they have professional/personal relationships or any collaborations that could complicate their review.

   4. If the author has been cited reviewers papers in reference section that could bias their opinions of the manuscript.

Guidelines for Reviewers

   1. Read the manuscript, auxiliary material (e.g. reviewer instructions, ethics and policy statements, supplemental data files) and journal instructions thoroughly, and report immediately if anything is not clear, missing or incomplete items they require to carry out a full review.

   2. Report to journal immediately if they come across any irregularities in manuscript, have concerns about ethical aspects, are discover an overlapping submission, plagiarism, or suspect that misconduct may have occurred during research or at the writing stage.

   3. Reviewers should keep their concerns confidential in above matter and not personally investigate further unless the journal asks for further information or advice.     

   4. Do not contact the authors directly without the permission of the journal.

   5. Ensure their recommendations are based on the merits of the work and not influenced by personal, financial, gender, religion or racial identity.   

   6. Ensure their comments and recommendations for the editor are consistent with their report for the authors; not make derogatory personal comments for author as most feedback should be put in the report for the authors.

   7. Reviewers must not disclose or knowledge of the work they’re reviewing before its publication.

Their recommendations should lie in any one of the category for instance accept, reject or revise (either major or minor). 

#Volunteer to be a reviewer

We would love to hear from you. Please contact our editorial office or submit this online form and let us know you are interested in reviewing. When contacting us, please attach a copy of your CV, so that we can be sure you meet our Reviewer Criteria. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there is a particular article you would like to be considered for, however please bear in mind that ultimately, it is up to the authors whether they would like you to review their article.